RDA 농촌진흥청 국립축산과학원 가축유전자원 정보시스템. animal gentic resources information management system

Animal Genetic Resources Information Management System

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Why this system?

  • In the biodiversity era, genetic resource information is very important part of the agricultural industry. So we developed systematic data management for animal genetic resource information. This system stores the information and manages it conveniently.

What species and what kind of data?

  • Now, This manages cattle, pig, goat, chicken, deer duck, quail. The target species will be increased. Individual features including appearance character, growth character and group features is managed in this system. And preserved sample, DNA polymorphic information is linked to this individual.

Special features

  • This system has some specific features.
  • Internalization: In data model and web interface, I18n (Internalization) is supported. Now, (in 2008) English and Korean is serviced
  • Convenient search interface: For the convenient use of database, user friendly search interface is serviced
  • Realtime statistic information: Whenever data changed or added, you can see new statistic information
  • Linked to DNA database: Each DNA polymorphism data is linked NCBI GenBank.
  • User friendly data input output: Beside web interface, Excel, XML data format is supported.